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Vanity Photo Booths® introduces a unique marketing platform that your customers will flock to… and deliver the DATA you need.

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,398,175 and 10,069,983 others pending

Vanity Photo Booths® is the latest innovation in promotional branding and advertising. Brands like Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Sperry Top Sider, Coors Light, Steiner Sports, Cox Media, American Cancer Society, and more have successfully implemented the Vanity Marketing System with amazing results!

Increase word-of-mouth advertising

Each photo is custom made for you with your brand so when your customer shares their story, they’re talking about YOU! And their friends will LISTEN!

Explode your social media presence

Customers get their branded photos by posting to their social media accounts. When they do, YOUR custom title including #Hashtags is posted automatically!

Improve communication with YOUR customers

Collect surveys, emails and data of everyone who gets a copy of their pic! Get instant feedback about what your customers want and stay in touch with qualified leads.

Increase Revenue AND Repeat Business

Use Vanity’s Prize generator to award coupons and other incentives. Use the contact info collected to offer “exclusive” discounts and freebies.

Let Your Customers Tell The World About You!

The Vanity Mobile System allows for each photo taken to become User Generated Content about your brand! Completely customize titles so when guests post to their social accounts your brand appears with them in the photo they post – and so does your #hashtag and message! Can you say “viral”?

Why Stop Promoting When The People Leave?!

The Vanity Mobile System keeps working well after the lights come on and the band stops playing! We’ll tell you how many REAL people were engaged with your brand by tracking Likes and Comments indefinitely.

Create NEW Brand Ambassadors

The Vanity Mobile System allows you to determine who your biggest fans are by identifying who is most active in their social circles. Reward the customers who talk the most with invitations to special events, new menu tastings, product releases, etc. Use Vanity Mobile at those events and they’ll keep talking!

Get Answers To The Questions That Matter

The Vanity Mobile System serves up the survey questions you need answers to. Get real-time feedback and make money-making adjustments faster.

Stay In Touch

The Vanity Mobile System becomes your little worker bee – collecting all of the information you need to better communicate with your customers: Emails, Cell #’s, Date of Birth, Location, FaceBook ID and more.

Keep ‘em Coming Back For More

The Vanity Mobile System’s integrated Prize Generator lets you offer prizes and incentives either randomly or at set intervals. Award “free stuff” on their next visit, or discounts for off-site purchases with the prize delivered via text message!

A Few Hard Facts We’ve Collected

These averages are based on 1 unit (booth or tablet) per activation. Results may vary


# of Photos Captured per Vanity Systems hour


# of People using Vanity Systems per hour


# of verified emails collected per hour


# of Customer Facebook likes per hour


# of Customer Facebook Posts per hour


# of custom surveys completed by email per hour

Count on Vanity Marketing to create the memories that will make your brand unforgettable!

People love taking their photo and they love sharing them with friends via social networks and email. Customers are relaxed and receptive to your brand and message when they use The Vanity System – so they’re happy to provide you with valuable information in exchange for the gift of a memory and a good time! Using the powerful features noted earlier you gain the opportunity to build relationships and continue honest dialogues because of these interactions. Here are some branded experiences that will last the test of time!

The results are in…

If you can’t measure it, did it even really happen?

At Vanity we say “NO”!

With The Vanity Kiosk or Vanity iPad System, you get MORE of the DATA and ROI information you need to make better decisions:

• FaceBook & Twitter profile data from each user

• List of ALL EMAILS

• Real Time Count of Social Impressions – Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.

• Attendance Counter shows # of actual users engaged – not # of photos taken

• Instantly award prizes & deliver via MMS – you get list of Mobile Numbers

• Custom Surveys – multiple choice and user entry

• Survey Data correlated by respondents email for SUPER TARGETED follow up

• Overlay report showing which digital frames users selected

• Option to determine how users receive pics – Facebook, Twitter, Email, MMS

All systems available for single, multi-day, multi-state events.

Going on tour or want a seasonal or semi-permanent installation?

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